AM Kommunikation AB



AM Kommunikation AB 

Our business started in 1999 and we work with recruitment and booking of respondents  to various market researches, product testing, focus groups and user studies, etc.

We recruit the target group that are important for you and which you need information from.

We recruit consumers, decision makers, different professional groups, young people and others. Recruitment takes place after customer lists, selection lists, registers etc.

To some extent, we work with medical marketing researches. We recruit patients, physicians, nurses and other medical personnel for interviews and focus groups.

We recruit on the basis of personal telephone calls and build our business on establishing relationships. What support that we have a high attendance on our interviews / testers. For us, recruitment is a handcraft. 

We preferably recruit in Stockholm

Welcome to contact us

Maria Pontusdotter: ☎️+46 73 - 350 22 10

Anders Hallgren: ☎️ +46 76 - 891 39 35